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Choose be prepared to be sell for or buy kitchen utensils and bed clothes sheets, pillow case, quilt cover-esitys because they are not part of basic furnishing. An application form designed for student housing and instructions on how to affect for accommodation are mailed to students admitted en route for study at an didactic institution in Joensuu. A good number students live in a shared flat where they have a private area and they share kitchen, bathroom and toilet along with other students. You cannot rent one with your friends. Exchange students are usually accommodated in a furnished room with a bed and a mattress, a desk, a control the discussion and a wardrobe.

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You can apply for accommodation as soon as you have received the administrator Letter of Acceptance as of the University of Eastern Finland but no closer than three months ahead of your arrival in Kuopio. When the tenant signs the lease, he before she will get a key to the accommodation if the lease has already begun. This affirmation is legally binding after that will be considered at the same time as a signature on the lease. Rent includes current, heating and water.

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The Student Union rents continued existence packages to cover the basic needs. Kuopas has 34 apartment buildings about the town situated contained by 0,5 —10 km as of the UEF Kuopio Property. Common sauna turn is free once a week.

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Kuopio Student Housing Company tel. Family apartments' sizes adapt from two bedroom apartments to four bed bedroom apartments. For further in a row about apartments, their locality, applying, etc. Rent includes water and heating although it does not add in utility bills such at the same time as electricity, sauna and parking.

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Charge includes water and heating but it does not include utility bills such as electricity, sauna after that parking. Both Finnish after that international degree and post-graduate students are normally accommodated in a room devoid of furniture only wardrobe. You can use a laundry room free charge. Around are several hotels after that hostels in the axis of Joensuu — at this juncture are a few examples note that the prices may have changed:

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Altogether international exchange and amount students are sent complete information on how en route for apply for housing. Clandestine sauna or a parking space for car be able to be reserved for an extra fee. Rent be obliged to be paid from the confirmed date onwards.

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