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They capture them temporarily. An addicting puzzle game along with challenging levels! Daphne is surprised to find the whole gang all along with Fred. This was a great deal promoted before its announce including a tagline old during commercials stating, "This time, the monsters are real.

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At the same time as the gang approaches Simone 's housewho is the owner of the agricultural estate Lena works at, they notice all the cats around the porch area. Scooby plays with an owl just outside the window. She uses a spatula to peel bad all the paint after the ghostly words in black and white by the ghost. It was the first film to feature real monsters instead of traditional 'bad guys' in masks.

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Crystal Academy is a gem-filled, action packed game along with a ton of levels to complete. Suddenly, the three werecats start en route for shake and shrivel ahead into bones, then brush. As they try en route for exit the grave, they pull off a bite of the wall after that a skeleton hand falls from a hole all the rage the side of the wall.

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Daphne introduces herself to Simone and they discuss the plantation and its ghosts. Beemana real estate cause. The zombies had allegedly grabbed Simone and dragged her away down the tunnel.

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Scooby plays with an owl just outside the casement. All chips will be provided for the affair. The gang all articulate their excitement about visiting the island on the car trip down en route for the ferry. They administer away but lose the camera in quicksand. The zombies look like they are from different eras and backgrounds. She after that Lena turn into terrifying werecats.

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